Avail. therapists: Mai, Melyssa, Link

Avail. therapists:
Mai, Melyssa, Link

MaiThai Massage

The MaiThai massage is an individualized massage which creatively combines all of our techniques to provide a treatment that best meets your specific needs. You and your therapist will discuss your needs before your massage and together you will decide on an appropriate treatment. Treatment may combine eastern and western styles.

Avail. therapists: Mai

Avail. therapists:

Island Style

A rare specialty massage traditionally practiced in island communities of Thailand. Offered nowhere else in San Francisco, this type of massage takes years to master. Oils are generously applied to back while clients lie face down. The therapist then stands on your back using feet and body weight to massage your entire body.  This combination of oil and body weight footwork, when done skillfully, allows for a truly unique massage. Island Style massage achieves many of the benefits of deep tissue massage while retaining the relaxing effect of a Swedish massage.

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